Upstream Networks President to Present at

Broadband Communities

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (April 5, 2019) – Upstream Network, the multi-family industry’s leading broadband provider, will be attending the Broadband Communities Summit in Austin, Texas next week. It’s President, Bryan Rader, will be speaking to the industry along with other industry leaders on “The Big Picture”.

Rader said, “It is a great opportunity to present our views on the intersection of the real estate market and the new technologies that are impacting this market today,” he said. “We see a lot of growth in the broadband space utilizing fiber to the unit and wireless services to connect smart homes and for all sorts of streaming services”.

Broadband Communities Summit is the industry’s leading annual event that brings over 1,200 industry professionals together each year to discuss issues in the marketplace. “Several of our team members will be joining me this year as we appreciate the opportunity to learn, grow and share our ideas and best practices we are implementing for Upstream Network.”

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