Upstream Network Leverages Its Industry Leadership Role

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (November 27, 2018) – Upstream Network, the multi-family industry’s premier broadband and digital TV service provider, has been leveraging its leadership role to educate the industry on the value and benefits of technology as today’s most important amenity.

“We spend a lot of time with clients and prospective clients that own and manage HOA and apartment communities on how important broadband has become to our marketplace,” reported Bryan Rader, President of Upstream Network. “We believe this is an exciting time for our industry and provides property owners with tremendous opportunities to distinguish themselves in a competitive environment through the use of technology.”

Upstream Network has been very active within its markets meeting with property management firms. “We are presenting to one of Chicago’s leading management companies next month to explore ways that technology can elevate their amenities packages,” Rader explained.

Spencer Ohleyer, Business Development Manager in south Florida said, “We are meeting with an organization that has over 100 property managers.  It’s important for us to share ideas about these products and how their residents will be using them in the future.”

Upstream Network continues to build its industry leading reputation through the deployment of its enterprise grade network across its key markets. At the same time, it is working with the industry, and its clients on many of the new ways to utilize this future-focused network.

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