CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (August 15, 2019) – Upstream Network’s student housing division, Upstream U, kicks off its 2019-2020 Student move-in season today. “We will be installing over 10,000 college students on our platform over the next two weeks,” announced Bryan J. Rader, President of Upstream Network. “We will be introducing them to our highly secure, nationwide backbone network which offers students the very best internet experience.”

The company has deployed its service team across the country to key universities such as Northwestern, University of Florida, Virginia Tech, and Arizona State.

‘We know how important our products are to students today,” said Rader. “We have developed the ideal platform for them to jump on our network and instantly be authenticated.”

In most markets, Upstream’s product is the fastest around the university. “Speed is only one aspect that matters though,” explained Adrian Murillo, Account Supervisor for Upstream. ‘We carefully manage all aspects of the on-ramping process to be sure residents are completely satisfied.” The company also has on-site events set up at dozens of campuses over the next two weeks.

“We are proud of our efforts to manage student move-in efficiently each year,” Rader said. “We’ve got the industry’s leading tools to do this right.”

Arizona State University

University of Minnesota









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