CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (July 12, 2019) – Upstream Network, the multi-family industry’s premier internet platform recently launched another high end condominium community, Brickell Bay, with its fiber to the unit and managed in-unit Wifi technology. “This is another example of Team Upstream displaying its ability to deploy a fiber based product with top quality service,” said Bryan J. Rader, President of Upstream Network.

“We continue to line up new communities to launch on our proprietary platform. Brickell Bay is a 31 story high rise residential building in downtown Miami. “We have several thousand units in this area that have been recently added to our base.”

One resident who was recently connected said “I have so much bandwidth that I can stream ten movies at the same time if I wanted!” Another resident told the team on site that “Upstream’s staff was first class all the way.”

Suzanne Brydon, Account Manager for this market said “that’s the kind of five star ratings we strive for with every one of our customers. That’s why these buildings continue to leave the other guys for us,” she continued.

“Several independent studies have reported that fiber to the home will significantly increase the value of the residence, sometimes by 10% or more. We believe this has proven to be true,” Rader continued.

Upstream Network is proud of its efforts and continues to impress its customers.