Hollywood Towers, Hollywood Beach, FL

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (March 20, 2019) – Upstream Network, the multi-family’s premier provider of broadband services, expanded its services this month to Hollywood Towers Condominium (Hollywood, Florida). “This upscale building was very unhappy with the local service provider, and wanted something special for its residents,” explained Bryan Rader, President of Upstream. “And that’s what we gave them.”

Hugh Moore, Property Manager of Hollywood Towers described the experience. “Very well done. The technical team was experienced, friendly, and responsive, and the products are amazing.” He continued “the picture quality is a huge upgrade and so are the internet speeds. My residents are thrilled with their performance.”

Upstream Network continues to add buildings to its network in key markets. “Our audience really enjoys using our platform. We’ve added several thousand new units recently, and just started construction on another large community in Miami,” Rader explained.

“I would absolutely recommend Upstream,” Moore concluded. “I wish they were in the building I live in.” Upstream Network’s recent customer satisfaction ratings are consistent with the experience at Hollywood Towers, with over a 94% satisfied rating. “Our growth is directly tied to our ability to perform,” Rader stated. “And we are performing.”

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