The Industry is WAKING UP TO UPSTREAM Celebrating One Year!

CHICAGO, Illinois (May 1, 2018) — Upstream Network, a leading provider of broadband services to the multi-family industry, is celebrating its one year anniversary today.  “We were so excited when we launched last year,” said Bryan J. Rader, President of Upstream.  “We developed the perfect platform for the way consumers stream and watch digital services in condos and apartments.”

Upstream Network proved it was the right time for a fiber-based 10 gigabit broadband network with customized services to each building, supported with concierge-quality service.  “We knew right away this was going to be a success.  Our message was hitting a chord with our audience.”

And the result? Upstream Network added over 5,000 units in the past year, and expects to add twice as much in the coming year.

Apartment owners and HOAs have really responded to Upstream.  “They really like our on-site events and creative marketing ideas,” stated Guissell Galindo, Account Manager for Chicago.  “We are working hard to manage the experience with our customers, not just provide service.”

Upstream Network supports its communities with the industry-leading service level commitments and response times.  “We are also very transparent about our performance, and share all of this data with our clients each month,” continued Ms. Galindo.

It’s why the company celebrates its one year anniversary today excited that “the industry is waking up to Upstream!”


About UpStream Network

Upstream Network was developed to provide users with a concierge-quality experience at the fastest speeds, supported by first-class service and technical support, and is the first cloud-based smart network especially designed for the MDU market. Upstream’s industry-leading platform offers comprehensive internet in combination with digital TV packages and personalized guidance to help property managers develop a tailored solution for their residents’ broadband preferences with customized content, concierge- quality service and maximum security. With an in-house, 24/7 U.S.-based customer support team, Upstream provides end-to- end service for communities across different types of properties, including design, installation, maintenance, and service management. Based in Oak Brook, Illinois, Upstream Network serves 3000+ properties across the nation, with hubs in Chicago and Florida. For more information, visit online at




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